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Prince Harry on army base life

He may be third-in-line to the throne, an army captain and responsible for attack helicopters worth £45 million, but Prince Harry was not exempt from making the tea in Afghanistan.

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Harry hated being 'stuck in Bastion'

Being "stuck in Bastion" was a common complaint for Prince Harry during his second deployment to Afghanistan.

The 28-year-old royal, who spent 20-weeks flying Apache helicopters in support of troops in Helmand Province, made no secret of his love-hate relationship with the tour.

While he enjoyed flying high over the desert in state-of-the-art fighting aircraft, he was itching to be back on the ground like he was five years ago.

He served just 10 weeks in 2007-08 coordinating air attacks on the Taliban with his regiment - the Household Cavalry - before foreign websites broke a news blackout on his deployment.

"It is a weird reality, being stuck in Bastion," he said.

"For me, I hate it, being stuck here.

"I'd much rather be out with the lads in a PB (patrol base). The last job was, for me personally, better."

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