Family unit pressured by 'overpowering markets'

As part of a series of speeches around 'the family', Shadow Public Health Minister Diane Abbott will deliver a speech today, on the sexualisation of children.

One of the central arguments to all these speeches is that the British family unit has been pressurised by overpowering markets, rather than big government, as is sometimes argued.

David Cameron's new childhood adviser called for parents to 'snoop' on children's texts Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

In yesterday's papers Claire Perry, David Cameron's new Childhood Advisor called for parents to challenge the 'bizarre' idea that their messages should be kept private, and should feel free to ask their children about their use of mobile phones and social media sites.


British culture 'pornification'

Shadow Public Health Minister Diane Abbott is to deliver a speech on the 'pornification' of British culture later today. She is calling for a national conversation between parents and their children about sex.