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Smelly French gas cloud hits UK

A foul-smelling but harmless cloud of gas which has wafted over the south of the UK from a chemical factory in France has prompted calls to emergency services. The gas mercaptan was accidentally released from a factory in the northern city of Rouen.

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French gas cloud reaches Dorset

Dorset Police have confirmed that they have received several calls believed to be connected to the leak of Mercaptan gas in France:

Emergency services and gas agencies have received many calls from members of the public today reporting the smell of gas. This appears to be strongest across the coastal towns of Dorset and other southern counties.

The smell may be linked to a large release of gas stenching agent (Mercaptan) in France which appears to have crossed the channel on strong easterly winds.

Transco is investigating and has received a number of similar calls. Although emergency services such as the fire and rescue services in affected areas will assess all gas-smell-related calls coming into their respective control rooms in case they are not linked, Transco are leading on this event.

– Dorset Police statement

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