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Smelly French gas cloud hits UK

A foul-smelling but harmless cloud of gas which has wafted over the south of the UK from a chemical factory in France has prompted calls to emergency services. The gas mercaptan was accidentally released from a factory in the northern city of Rouen.

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The French source of foul-smelling gas cloud over UK

This factory in the northern French city of Rouen is the source of a foul-smelling gas leak, which has been detected in the south-east of the UK.

A cloud of Mercaptan gas, which is added to municipal gas to alert people to gas leaks, accidentally leaked from the factory and drifted across the channel, prompting dozens of calls to the emergency services.

The French factory, which is understood to be the source of the gas leak. Credit: EBU
Emergency services in the UK have received calls from members of the public who smelt the odour. Credit: EBU
The gas, which has been smelt in the south-east is not harmful. Credit: EBU

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