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Lloyds cuts 940 jobs

Lloyds Bank is to cut more than 940 jobs, taking job loss announcements at the firm to 1,300 in the past few days.

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200 Lloyds posts 'being moved offshore to India'

The union Accord says almost 200 Lloyds posts are being moved offshore to India. The Unite union added that since 2009 Lloyds has slashed a quarter of the workforce:

It is a complete disgrace that the bank, which is 41%-owned by the taxpayer, continues to cut jobs in such a cavalier manner.

In the middle of an economic crisis, a bank part-owned by the public should be keeping jobs in the UK, not exporting them abroad.

Unite has warned Lloyds Banking Group that if they are looking for a period of stability and growth to return it to profitability, this cannot and will not be achieved by continuous and damaging job loss announcements.

Unite opposes these cuts and will be doing everything possible to stop compulsory redundancies.

– Unite

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