Chelsea manager: 'We will deal with this internally'

Chelsea's interim manager Rafa Benitez has commented on Edin Hazard's red card for appearing to kick a Swansea ball boy:

The ballboy has been in the dressing room talking with Hazard.

They apologised to each other, they know they were wrong and that's it.

He was wasting time, Hazard was frustrated and wanted to get the ball back quickly.

They both made a mistake and we cannot say too much. Both were wrong and we cannot change things.

As a football club we know there was a mistake.

We will talk to the player. We will deal with this internally.

He was frustrated and wanted to get the ball back.

We will analyse and we will have to wait to see what happens.

We know he has made a mistake and we are paying for that because we were playing with 10 players and we needed to score goals.

– Chelsea manager Rafa Benitez