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Bid to bomb-proof trains

British engineers are researching bomb-proof train carriages to prevent a repeat of the carnage left by the London Underground terrorist attacks.

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Controlled explosions carried out for bomb-proof trains

A team of engineers have been experimenting with controlled explosions to understand the impact a bomb has on a train carriage.

New technology has been developed, along with materials which could be fitted into existing carriages, to limit the fallout of a terror attack on train and tube carriages.

  • Controlled explosions were carried out on a decommissioned Tube carriage
  • High speed cameras slowed down the blast, allowing the impact to be analysed in detail
  • A similar test was carried out on a carriage specially built to reduce the damage caused by a bomb detonating inside it
  • Blast-protection measures included tethering down ceiling panels, plastic coatings on windows, and the use of lighter energy-absorbing materials
  • Engineers investigated dividing carriages with materials that soak up energy and reduce the impact of a blast wave

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