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Anti-hunger campaign launched

A multiple charity campaign aiming to combat malnutrition and hunger in the developing world is launched today. One hundred development and faith British charities have backed the 'Enough Food For Everyone If' appeal.

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IF: 'We need a concerted effort from governments'

Multi charity coalition IF claims that tackling the 'corporation tax gap' by multinational companies could help developing countries to raise enough revenue every day to save the lives of 230 children under five.

We should be proud of the great strides we are taking as a world to reduce poverty and tackle infectious diseases, but it is still the reality that more people die each year from hunger than from Aids, malaria and TB combined.

In a world where there is enough food for everyone, this is nothing short of a scandal.

We need a concerted effort from governments, civil society and philanthropists to tackle the root causes of this problem and together build a world where no child has to go hungry.

– Ben Jackson, chairman of the IF coalition

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