Michael Winner's funeral was 'perfect, darling, perfect'

The funeral has taken place of film director Michael Winner, who died on Monday after a long battle with liver disease.

Michael Winner pictured in 2008
Michael Winner pictured in 2008 Credit: Press Association

Sir Michael Parkinson and former Rolling Stone Bill Wyman were among the mourners who paid their final respects in north London.

A statement, issued by Michael Winner's office said if he had been alive to film it, he would have said: "Perfect, darling, perfect. A cold wind whipped a flurry of snowflakes across the cemetery - a film directors' dream."

Among the mourners were many of Michael's friends including Sir David Frost, Terry O'Neill, Don Black, Chris Rea and Henry Wyndham, chairman of Sotheby's.


Winner's 'perfect' funeral

Sir David Frost and Sir Michael Parkinson were amongst those at the funeral of film director and restaurant critic Michael Winner. His office said: "If Michael had been alive to film it, he would have said, 'Perfect, darling, perfect'."