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Ovarian cancer survival warning

Misdiagnosis and delays in treatment for ovarian cancer are cutting survival chances for women. It can take up to six months to receive a positive diagnosis for some women, with more than half of all cases misdiagnosed.

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Ovarian cancer: 'Early diagnosis is key'

A charity is calling for a better diagnosis of ovarian cancer, saying 500 lives a year could be saved if symptoms were recognised at first diagnosis.

Early diagnosis is key. Thirty two per cent of women are diagnosed in A&E. Seventy five per cent of women are diagnosed once the cancer has spread. This is unacceptable.

We must improve symptom awareness with women, improve GP knowledge and ensure they have prompt access to diagnostic tests.

It is imperative that the Be Clear on Cancer awareness campaign is extended across England and that other home nations take similar action to stop women needlessly dying.

– Annwen Jones, the chief executive of Target Ovarian Cancer

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