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Ovarian cancer survival warning

Misdiagnosis and delays in treatment for ovarian cancer are cutting survival chances for women. It can take up to six months to receive a positive diagnosis for some women, with more than half of all cases misdiagnosed.

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UK ovarian cancer survival rate among worst in Europe

The overall five-year survival rate of women in the UK with ovarian cancer, is among the worst in Europe, at just under 40 per cent.

Previous studies show that those diagnosed at the first stage of the disease have a survival rate of Nearly 100 per cent.

The charity Target Ovarian Cancer, is today launching its Pathfinder Study at the House of Commons.

The charity has found:

  • One in four women wait more than three months to make an appointment with a doctor after they start suffering symptoms of ovarian cancer
  • Half of those diagnosed wait more than a month to see their GP
  • One in ten GPs have had diagnostic tests refused in the past year
  • Thirty per cent of women are misdiagnosed as having IBS, 15 per cent with ovarian cysts and 13 per cent with a urinary infection

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