1. Lucy Verasamy

Weather update: Expect a slow thaw this weekend

Expect it to stay cold and wintry the rest of this week before temperatures recover this weekend.

It'll remain cloudy with further snow in places today - much of it light or intermittent and it'll become icy again tonight with freezing fog in places.

Tomorrow will be a brighter day but temperatures will be barely above freezing again.

On Friday, a belt of rain will sweep in from the west, preceded by sleet and snow.

As for the weekend, as relatively mild air seeps in from the Atlantic, it'll become less cold and any remaining snow will slowly thaw.

Temperatures will be back up a few degrees, to nearer the average for the time of year.

Sunday has the potential to be very windy, with gales and damaging gusts.

Further rain coupled with melted snow will lead to excess surface water and the possibility of local flooding where ground remains frozen.