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Businesses warn PM on tax plans

Leading business figures have warned that David Cameron's push for international action on aggressive tax avoidance could undermine the economic recovery.

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Cameron: 'We need greater transparency over tax'

Labour MP Dennis Skinner said in the House of Commons yesterday that it was "gruesome" for the Prime Minister to be "heading out of austerity-riddled Britain to wine and dine at Davos with 50 top bankers who helped to create the economic crash, several hundred tax avoiding millionaires".

Responding in the Commons, David Cameron said:

To be fair, I think when you see the speech I'm going to be making in Davos, in which I will be arguing we need greater transparency over tax, we need greater responsibility over the tax avoidance and tax evasion issues, we need greater transparency about companies and the land issue.

You may even find there are some things I'm going to say you might agree with.

– David Cameron

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