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Police 'overstate' fall in crime

An ONS review of the Crime Survey for England and Wales and crimes recorded by the police showed that while both report a fall in offences, police records appear to "overstate the true rate in which crime has been falling".

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Homicide rate down 10% in year to September 2012

Crimes recorded in virtually all categories have fallen in the year ending September 2012 compared with the previous year with significant reductions in vandalism, burglary and vehicle thefts.

Pickpocketing was one of the few sub-categories that saw an increase, which may be due to the popularity of hand-held devices like iPhones, mp3 players and tablets.

  • Violence against the person - down 5%
  • Homicide - down 10%
  • Attempted murder - down 2%
  • Burglary - down 8%
  • Anti-social behaviour incidents - down 2.4%
  • Pickpocketing - up 6%

(Office for National Statistics)

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