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Immigration backlog 'chaos'

An investigation into UK border controls has revealed that more than 16,000 immigrants are waiting to hear whether they can stay in Britain. The number of applicants has grown to 700 a month.

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UK border control is 'failing to check' applications

An investigation into UK border control has found that 16,000 migrants are currently waiting to hear whether they can stay in Britain.

  • 2,100 cases were yet to receive an initial decision as to whether they could stay in the UK or not, some dating back to 2003
  • 180 of these applicants wanted to stay for marriage or civil partnership reasons
  • The UK Border Agency is failing to check whether applicants earn enough to live without state handouts
  • Staff are not consistently applying the "income support threshold" rule to applicants who want to stay in the UK due to marriage
  • The percentage of allowed marriage appeals in total was too high at over 50 per cent April 2011 and February 2012
  • Problems with the agency failing to take into account the rights of children when refusing further leave in the UK were also discovered

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