'UK outside EU would be island in middle of Atlantic'

Speaking in Davos, European leaders have responded to David Cameron's proposals on Britain's future role within the EU.

The UK outside the EU would be an island somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean between the US and Europe. It would not be connected with any of those two. So I think it is vital for all of us that they stay in.

– Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte

Britain was a driving force for the single market and the EU will continue to be much stronger because Britain can remain a part of that. ... It is very important in a global sense when most of the big opportunities will arise outside the EU in the next 20 years.

– Irish prime minister Enda Kelly

Italian prime minister Mario Monti welcomed Mr Cameron's decision to make the referendum question a straight in/out choice about EU membership.

I believe that, when the moment comes, the UK people will say yes, because - put as it is, that question - if they say no they would have to get out, which I believe they will not wish to do.

– Italian prime minister Mario Monti