RAF sends surveillance support to French military in Mali

The RAF have sent a Sentinel aircraft to support the French military operations in Mali.

The surveillance aircraft from No 5(AC) Squadron was deployed from RAF Waddington to an airbase in Africa.

As the Prime Minister has made clear, the UK supports France’s decision to provide military support to the Malian government. He also said in the House that we would be looking at further French requests for additional logistical and surveillance support for this operation, over and above the two C-17s.

Following NSC on Tuesday and discussions with the French, we have now decided to deploy Sentinel, a surveillance capability that has proved its worth in Libya and on an ongoing basis for counter-insurgency operations in Afghanistan. We have also agreed to continue to make available a C-17 heavy lift transport aircraft which has already provided important logistical support over recent days.

– Philip Hammond, Secretary of State for Defence