RBS: Weakest four years of GDP since 1830s

The Royal Bank of Scotland's Group Economists have been sharing their analysis of the GDP figures on Twitter.


2008-12: the weakest four years of #GDP performance outside post-war demobilisations since at least the 1830s. Yes, the 1830s. #UK #economy


Post-WW1 & WW2 #GDP fell at double-digits rates. Those aside, 2008-12 fall was bigger than any since before Victoria ascended the throne.


During the Great #Depression, #UK #GDP fell by 2.6% between 1928 and 1932. From 2008 to 2012 GDP fell by more than 3%.


UK triple-dip recession looms

Chancellor George Osborne has vowed not to "run away" from Britain's economic problems amid fresh signs the UK is heading for an unprecedented triple-dip recession.