Motorist: M6 chaos was a 'total farce'

Louise Jones was stuck on the M6 for hours overnight because of the heavy snow and she described it as the "scariest experience" she had had in 26 years of driving.

Mrs Jones, from Bootle, was travelling home from a restaurant in Wigan where she had been celebrating her father's 65th birthday when she got stuck on the motorway.

It took her more than five hours to travel the 20 miles home.

We did not move at all, three lanes of cars were totally gridlocked. For the first three hours we left the engine running to keep warm, then turned it off and every car we could see was just sitting in the darkness, it was really eerie how silent it was.

Eventually a snow plough drove along the hard shoulder at about 1am, then we saw nothing moving until a police car at 1.40am.

It really was horrendous. I can't understand why it took so long to clear enough space to direct traffic through. It was a total farce.