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Army warns of Egypt collapse

The head of the Egyptian military has warned the ongoing political conflict could lead to the collapse of the state. Seven people have reportedly been shot dead and hundreds injured in Port Said during the funerals of 33 protesters killed in the city

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Port Said football riot: Timeline of events

Last year's Port Said football riot is the worst incident of football violence in Egypt and the deadliest worldwide since 1996. One player said it was "like a war."

More than 1000 people were injured and 74 people were killed after a match between Al-Masry, the home team in Port Said and Al-Ahly, Egypt's top team based in Cairo.

  • The violence began after the Port Said home team (Al-Masry) won the match 3-1
  • Al-Masry fans stormed the pitch, attacking rival Al-Ahly fans (from Cairo)
  • Authorities shut off the stadium lights, plunging it into darkness
  • In the exit corridor, the fleeing crowd pressed against a chained gate until it broke - many were crushed under the crowd of people trying to flee
  • Al-Ahly survivors said they were attacked, undressed, beat with iron bars and had the words "Port Said" carved into their bodies
  • Whilst there has long been bad blood between the two rival teams, many blamed police for failing to perform usual searches of weapons at the stadium, and witnesses described police standing by and doing nothing

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