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Schools 'holding back' brightest

The chief inspector of schools has warned that state schools are holding back some of the country's brightest pupils. Sir Michael Wilshaw told the Telegraph he was 'concerned our most able pupils are not doing as well as they should be.'

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GCSE league tables 'need reforming'

Some schools were too focused on gaining C grades, because it is this measure which counts in league tables, when pupils had the capacity to achieve a A* or A grades, Sir Michael Wilshaw told the Sunday Telegraph.

I would like to see GCSE league tables reformed. The anxiety to get as many through those C boundaries have sometimes meant that schools haven’t pushed children beyond that.

We need sophisticated league tables which shows progress. Youngsters leaving primary school with level 5 should be getting A*, A or B at GCSE.

The report, which will take a representative sample of more than 50 secondary schools, will be published later this year.

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