Mixed reaction to HS2 from Labour MPs

There has been a mixed reaction to the government's HS2 plans from Labour MPs.

Former Transport Secretary Andrew Adonis welcomed the announcement, while Tom Watson MP suggests high speed internet may be more useful.


Capacity the big argument for HS2. But nearly an hour off London-Manchester/Leeds a huge boost too.


I've got this lingering thought about #HS2. Wouldn't better and free wifi negate the need for speed for the majority of commuters?


Clegg says #HS2 will "heal the north south-divide". It's going to take more than a new railway line in 20 years time to do that.


High speed rail route revealed

The routes of high speed rail links to cities in the north of England have been unveiled in a move that will cut journey times and what the Government hopes will act as an "engine for growth" for the economy.