Blair compares 'old fashioned' UKIP to the US Tea Party

The former prime minister Tony Blair has described the UK Independence Party as "an old fashioned form of nationalism...[with] a very old fashioned set of attitudes and arguments."

I don't think there is some great desire on the part of the British people to leave Europe.

There is a very strong and very vocal minority however.

Basically, it's an old fashioned form of nationalism.

That's what the UK Independence Party is, and it carries with it a very old fashioned set of attitudes and arguments.

It's like similar to other the fringe movements all over Europe and indeed America with the Tea Party.

But in the end it cannot and should not determine the country's policy.

– Tony Blair

It comes after David Cameron recently described UKIP as having "some pretty odd people."

UKIP leader Nigel Farage responded by saying he did not trust Mr Cameron and complained that the Prime Minister "just throws abuse."