David Cameron 'most trusted' over Europe

The latest Index poll conducted by ComRes for ITV News shows that David Cameron is the most trusted leader to protect Britain’s interests in Europe. A third (33%) of the public say that they trust David Cameron more than other political leaders - including UKIP's Nigel Farage.

However, despite this, the results also find that the public are divided as to whether or not David Cameron is able to deliver real change for the better in the UK’s relationship with the EU. A third (34%) think that he is able to do this, while two in five (40%) disagree.

Who do you trust most to protect Britain’s interests in Europe?

  • 33% - David Cameron
  • 20% - Ed Miliband
  • 11% - Nigel Farage
  • 5% - Nick Clegg
  • 17% - None
  • 13% - Don't know