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MPs warn football must change

English football's authorities have been given an ultimatum by MPs to make further changes or face possible legislation - with a warning that financial reforms in particular have been "hugely disappointing".

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Recommendations for football made by MPs

Recommendations made by the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee for football include:

  • Reduce the size of the FA board, and make FA executives and non-executive directors be in the minority compared to the "vested interests" of members appointed by the professional and amateur game
  • The Premier League and Football League should be limited to one FA board member each - the leagues currently have two apiece
  • The FA board should have fans' representation
  • Full information on the ownership of clubs should be made publicly available
  • The FA should regulate a financial licensing system, and not leave it to the Premier League and Football League
  • If spending controls such as financial fair play are not adopted by the clubs, legislation should be brought in to impose financial discipline

The FA, Premier League and Football League had responded to the initial committee proposals insisting they had taken steps towards "extremely radical" and "progressive" reforms.

The committee however said: "These proposals failed to go far enough."

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