Syria opposition video 'shows dozens of male bodies'

Opposition activists have posted a video purporting to show at least 51 muddied male bodies alongside a river bank in the rebel-held Bustan al-Qasr neighbourhood of Aleppo.

The video, which is too graphic to post, follows a man walking along a river bank past dozens of male bodies with their hands tied and blood coming from their heads.

An image captured from the video showing the river bank that is littered with bodies

ITV News cannot independently confirm the veracity of the video, however, the size of the paving slabs alongside the river banks appear to match Google aerial images of the area it claims to show.


UK to double Syria aid

Britain has vowed to double its aid to £50 million to help deal with the humanitarian disaster caused by the crisis in Syria. The UN Secretary General has talked of the "unrelenting horrors" in the country.