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Polish '2nd language in England'

New figures from the 2011 census show that Polish appears to be the second biggest language in England, with 1% of residents citing it as their main language.

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1m households 'speak English as a second language'

One million households in England and Wales do not speak English as their first language, according to new figures released by the Office for National Statistics.

The figures, taken from the 2011 Census of England and Wales show:

  • 91% (21.3 million) of all usual residents of households spoke English as their main language.
  • In around 4% (868,000) of households, at least one adult spoke English
  • In 1% (182,000) of households, no adults but at least one child spoke English
  • In the remaining 4% (1 million) of households, there were no residents who spoke English as their main language

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