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Petrol prices 'no rip-off'

Fuel price rises have been driven by tax rises and the hike in the oil price, the Office of Fair Trading has reported. It says it finds "very limited evidence" that retailers aren't passing on drops in the wholesale price to drivers quickly enough.

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AA: 'We're disappointed in OFT's report'

Edmund King, President of the Automobile Association, has said he is "disappointed" with the Office of Fair Trading's finding that the fuel market is "working well".

Edmund King, President of the Automobile Association Credit: ITV News

He told ITV News:

"We're disappointed in this report, yes we know there's competition in the market, there's bound to be with four big supermarkets.

"But what there isn't is transparency on prices and this is what motorists get fed up about.

"A simple thing they could have recommended is that the wholesale price has to be published alongside the retail price and then drivers can make up their own mind whether they're getting a fair price at the pumps."

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