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Petrol prices 'no rip-off'

Fuel price rises have been driven by tax rises and the hike in the oil price, the Office of Fair Trading has reported. It says it finds "very limited evidence" that retailers aren't passing on drops in the wholesale price to drivers quickly enough.

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Average fuel prices in the UK from 2009-2012

According to the AA's fuel report in December 2012, throughout the year the cost of petrol in the UK averaged 136.40p a litre and diesel 142.48p.

Previous average pump prices across a year were:

  • 2012: petrol 136.40p, diesel 142.48p
  • 2011: petrol 133.65p, diesel 138.94p
  • 2010: petrol 117.24p, diesel 119.60p
  • 2009: petrol 100.02p, diesel 104.38p

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