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Drinks firm defends stimulant

The makers of an energy drink consumed by marathon runner Claire Squires before she died during the London Marathon have defended the use of a now-banned stimulant.

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Energy drink maker defends banned drug after runner's death

After an energy boosting drink was cited as contributing to the death of marathon runner Claire Squires, the company behind the drink have defended the active ingredient DMAA.

Claire died in April 2012 just a mile from the finishing line of the London marathon.

She had taken a drink containing DMAA with her. DMAA was banned in the UK in August 2012.

USPlabs sympathizes with the family of Ms. Squires for their tragic loss. We continue to stand by the safety of the dietary ingredient 1, 3 DMAA. The ingredient has been the subject of seven clinical trials supporting its safety when used as directed. These studies place 1,3 DMAA among the most studied dietary ingredients on the market.

– Ultra-Premium Supplements statement

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