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Reaction to the new Blackberry Z10

So far much of the reaction and analysis of the new Blackberry Z10 and the Blackerry 10 operating system seem positive. Blackberry has come up with new features, especially 'the Hub' which allows users to store all messages, from Facebook, Twitter, emails etc in one place.

However most analysts are unconvinced that the few leaps forward Blackberry has made are enough to recover so much ground already lost to rivals like Apple.

here are some of the reactions to the new handset so far:

In an era when Apple’s iPhone 5 was a slight disappointment because it was a little bit predictable, and when Samsung is packing phones so full of features it’s hard to always find a use for them, the Z10 is merely quite good. It will find its corporate niche, and ‘too little too late’ is too harsh. But it’s not quite enough, not quite soon enough.

– Matt Warman, the Telegraph

Is the delightful BlackBerry Z10 enough to save its company?

Honestly? It could go either way. But this much is clear: BlackBerry is no longer an incompetent mess — and its doom is no longer assured.

– David Pogue, the New York Times

I like a lot of what RIM's done here.

However, BlackBerry 10 stumbles, first right out of the gate with its steep learning curve, and second with its anemic app selection that doesn't provide apps (like Vine) that deliver the full mobile experience that today's digital consumers want.

– Pete Pachal, Mashable

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