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Facebook profits up by 40%

Facebook's revenue in the final three months of 2012 has gone up 40% compared to 2011 - to $1.585 billion. The firm's latest financial report shows daily active users at 618 million on average in December, with monthly active users at 1.06 billion.

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Analyst: Facebook 'on the right track'

Business and technology analyst Ovum says Facebook reporting a 40% rise in revenue for the final three months of the year, compared to a year earlier, gives "cause for optimism" and shows "the company is on the right track" after a largely difficult 2012.

Facebook Q4 2012 results give cause for optimism and suggest the company is on the right track following its disappointing IPO (initial public offering - in May 2012) and the lacklustre two quarters that immediately followed.

What stands out from Facebook’s Q4 results is the centrality of mobile for its service strategy and growth.

This solid progress on the mobile advertising front should be applauded, as a key challenge for Facebook has been how to monetize its growing mobile user base, particularly as an increasing number interact with the platform by only via mobile devices.

– Eden Zoller, principal analyst at Ovum

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