1. Rageh Omaar

Large security presence around gas plant in Algeria

I visited the hostage site in Algeria and saw a lot of security presence in and around the gas plant. It is an incredibly remote area and you could see why this was such an opportunistic target for the militants because it is right in the middle of the desert and in a huge compound.

There are large numbers of security measures taking place to safeguard the few workers that are still there.

There are signs of some damage on the plant itself, we saw some blackened out gas pipes which luckily had not caught fire in the plant.

We also saw damage to the living quarters where the workers were but one of the key points is, when would British technicians be allowed to come back home? The head of the technical operations at the plant told me this:

The most important thing is to get Westerners back but it will take some time until full security and operations are restored to the plant.