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Facebook profits up by 40%

Facebook's revenue in the final three months of 2012 has gone up 40% compared to 2011 - to $1.585 billion. The firm's latest financial report shows daily active users at 618 million on average in December, with monthly active users at 1.06 billion.

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Marketing agency: Facebook must 'constantly evolve'

Online marketing agency Pinpoint Designs says Facebook must continue to evolve, and expand what it offers to users, to stay successful.

It says the social network is going in the right direction by developing its empire, and "could easily morph into a search engine, music or dating service too."

By beating Wall Street’s expectations, Facebook has gone some way to silence its doubters and confirm its place at the front of the social media crowd.

Itsconsolidation of its own territory, coupled with a creeping encroachment intoothers’ domain, will prevent it being pigeon-holed and guarantee its role as aprime shaper of the future internet.

Ultimately Facebook's continued success lies in its ability to constantly evolve. What began as a social network could easily morph into a search engine, music or dating service too.

– Lewis Sellers, director of Pinpoint Designs

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