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Pensioners hit by 'bedroom tax'

Some pensioners with spare rooms will be hit by reductions in housing benefit under what critics dub the Government's "bedroom tax", the Department of Work and Pensions said. A ComRes poll reveals most of the British public want to delay the tax.

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Father worried 'bedroom tax' will keep his kids away

Alex Milne split up with his partner a year ago and his two children - Rhiann,10, and Billy, 3 - come to stay every weekend and on the holidays.

He lives in a two bedroom flat in Irvine near Glasgow. His daughter stays in the spare room when she comes to visit, but under the 'bedroom tax' he may be forced to downsize to a one bedroom flat.

Alex says he can't afford the £40 a month it would cost to stay where he is but he is worried his children would not want to stay with him if they had to share a bed.

ITV News' reporter Sejal Karia visited him at home:

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