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Hitmen jailed for life

Ben Hope and Jason Richards, the two hitmen who murdered A-level student Aamir Siddiqi after raiding the wrong house, have been given life sentences with a minimum term of 40 years each at Swansea Crown Court.

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Hitmen met in prison and developed drug-dependent friendship

Ben Hope, left, and Jason Richards pictured in court.

Heroin addict Ben Hope went about the murder of Aamir Siddiqi with "staggering incompetence", according to the prosecution.

Hope was already a known criminal and drug addict in Cardiff when the murder was carried out.

Jason Richards has a criminal past littered with violence which has landed him in prison.

He is a heroin addict who unapologetically made a living from peddling hard drugs on the streets of Cardiff.

The pair met in prison and their intimacy behind bars went on to become a drug-dependent friendship outside.

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