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Call for boy cancer vaccine

A new charity is urging the Government to deal with the 'ticking time bomb' that is throat cancer. Launched today, The Throat Cancer Foundation is asking for HPV vaccinations to be extended to all 12-year-old boys, as well as girls.

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Throat cancer is a 'ticking time bomb' says charity

Throat cancer is a ticking time bomb. Current HPV vaccination programme is discriminatory and a danger to public health.

When I myself was treated for throat cancer in 2010, I was alarmed by the lack of information for patients. The Throat Cancer Foundation will tackle this need head-on and give a voice to those whose lives are touched by this cancer.

Our aim is to raise public awareness of the causes, symptoms and prevention of throat cancers and ensure patients have access to a Gold Standard of treatment as well as fighting to eradicate this type of cancer in future generations.

– Jamie Rae, Founder and CEO of the Throat Cancer Foundation

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