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Pensioners hit by 'bedroom tax'

Some pensioners with spare rooms will be hit by reductions in housing benefit under what critics dub the Government's "bedroom tax", the Department of Work and Pensions said. A ComRes poll reveals most of the British public want to delay the tax.

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Viewers debate whether 'bedroom tax' is justified

ITV News viewers have been commenting on our report about the human cost of the 'bedroom tax' on our Facebook page. Here is a selection:

I know elderly people in four bedroom houses that are not affected. I know these elderly people have raised their kids in these homes and they hold lots of memories but ... me and my husband have five children and live in a three bedroom house and have four girls age ranging from 15 to 4 and I desperately need bigger accommodation.

– Marijka

I think it is fair in a lot of ways! I'm in a house private[ly] rented wanting a social housing house for my family. Why should my mum have one when we have all moved out? I do think it should be means tested and only affect those who really are living in space they can live without...

– Emma

It is all very well people ... saying that anyone who has a spare room should move out to a smaller property. But where are the smaller properties? There aren't any!

– Pat

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