Viewers react to report on human cost of 'bedroom-tax'

ITV News viewers have been reacting on Twitter to our report about how the 'bedroom tax' will affect a disabled couple and a divorced parents.

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Disgusted at govs new bedroom tax after seeing how it will effect disabled people with low income. @itvnews story just made me cry :-(


@itvnews b/room tax targets most vulnerable in society unfairly. Housing lists will go crazy - several house moves necessary in family life


@itvnews @sejalkaria Think of people like us who have 8 people living in a 2 bedroomed house when you're complaining about "bedroom tax"!!!!


Pensioners hit by 'bedroom tax'

Some pensioners with spare rooms will be hit by reductions in housing benefit under what critics dub the Government's "bedroom tax", the Department of Work and Pensions said. A ComRes poll reveals most of the British public want to delay the tax.