1. Clare Nasir: ITV Weather Presenter

Dry over the weekend with temperatures dropping next week

It is time to wrap up again as the weather turns colder next week - with an increasing risk of snow showers.

There is a risk of snow showers next week Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA

For the time being Saturday will end dry, but turn chilly through the evening. Temperatures will drop to -2C, so expect a widespread frost. Cloud will thicken through the night, and so it will be a cold and grey Sunday morning.

There is a risk of rain by lunch time and into the afternoon, although the rain will be mostly light and patchy. Temperatures will reach 9C, but watch out for the cold, nagging southwesterly wind.

Next week starts dry and fine, with some sun by day and the risk of frost by night. From Wednesday there is a risk of snow showers, and a marked wind chill, so be warned it is going to turn much colder.