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Oil spill could kill more birds

More sea birds could die from a pollution spill that has contaminated England's south coast. Wildlife experts say a change in wind direction is now blowing many birds out to sea and could lead to more fatalities in the coming days.

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'White, odourless and globular' substance stuck to birds

The RSPCA says 236 guillemots, 17 razor bills and a single herring gull are being treated at West Hatch. The society said the vast majority of the sea birds were rescued from Chesil Beach in Dorset but others have come from the Isle of Wight and Cornwall:

We just do not know what this substance is. It is white, odourless and globular, like a silicone sealer. The best way I can think to describe it is 'sticky Vaseline'. The numbers of the birds coming in have been growing and sadly there were quite a few dead birds this morning. We are still down at the beach though collecting and trying to save as many of them as we can. We are expecting this rescue mission to continue through the weekend.

– John Pollockwho, RSPCA deputy Chief inspector

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