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Retailers meet over food safety

Major retailers and suppliers will meet the Food Standards Agency (FSA) today to work out how to prevent food becoming contaminated and entering the supply chain.

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Wholesaler 3663 suspends Halal provider's products

British food wholesaler 3663 has removed all Halal products from a manufacturer after testing revealed traces of porcine protein.

In a statement, 3663 said:

Following recent publicity concerning content of horsemeat in the consumer goods foodchain, 3663 recognised a potential connection between a supplier of Halal savoury pie products for the MOJ and one of their Halal beef suppliers mentioned within the FSAI (Food Safety Authority of Ireland) report.

We took immediate steps to inform the MOJ of this potential connection purely as a precautionary measure and together took the decision that these Halal beef products should be quarantined to prevent their use pending DNA testing.

3663 initiated DNA testing on multiple production batches of Halal products from the manufacturer in question.

Disappointingly, we received evidence that within the products tested there were traces of porcine protein. These results shocked us as the manufacturer in question is accredited by the Halal Food Authority.

3663 immediately removed all Halal products from this manufacturer from the supply chain and 3663 will not source any further Halal products from this manufacturer.

Our sentiments echo those of the Ministry of Justice, in that this is a wholly unacceptable situation and one that we deeply regret, we are however relieved that our own prompt actions following identifying a potential risk from the FSA report enabled the earliest possible removal of these products from sale.

– Ian Crawford is Group Commercial Director for 3663

The statement went on to say that 3663 welcome the opportunity to "work with the FSA and others to improve consumer confidence in traceability within the food chain".

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