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Centrica abandons nuclear plans

Centrica has decided to pull out of the UK's nuclear new build programme and will not take part in the construction of up to four new reactors, the firm announced.

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Environmentalists: New nuclear is 'economic nightmare'

The environmental network Friends of the Earth has responded to Centrica's pullout of the UK's nuclear rebuilding programme, saying new power plants would be a "waste of money":

The nuclear dream is becoming an economic nightmare. Centrica's decision to pull out of building new reactors is further evidence of the escalating cost of this form of energy.

Billions of pounds of taxpayers' money has already been spent trying to deal with the nuclear industry's toxic legacy and billions more will be wasted if we press ahead with new nuclear power plants.

Ministers must focus on the real solutions to the energy challenges we face - slashing energy waste and developing the enormous potential for safe, clean British energy from the wind, waves and sun.

– Friends of the Earth's Andrew Pendleton

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