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Mitchell frustration with No 10

Andrew Mitchell has told of his frustration with Downing Street's handling of the plebgate furore claiming it just wanted him to "lie low" rather than clear his name.

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'Quick release' of CCTV footage could have kept Mitchell in government

Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell believes the plebgate CCTV footage recorded at the gates of No 10 Downing Street, with a now disputed email purporting to be an eyewitness account of the event, would have quickly cleared his name if Downing Street had agreed to its release at the time.

Well I think that, had the CCTV been released earlier, together with the email, I think that it would have been discovered quite early on that something was quite seriously wrong with this and I suppose, had that happened, I might still be in Government today.

I understand that two of the three poisonous phrases are in it (initial briefing notes), but whether there were two or three or one, whether it was done within one minute or an hour or three hours of the incident at the gate, it is wholly and totally untrue.

– Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell

Four arrests have been made as part of the Operation Alice investigation into the incident. The row ignited when Mr Mitchell was accused of a heated rant against officers as he left Downing Street on September 19.

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