Researchers to find out if they made King Richard III discovery

Researchers will reveal today whether a skeleton found under a city centre car park is that of King Richard III.

The University of Leicester will hold a press conference to disclose the much-anticipated results of tests carried out on the remains, thought to be those of the Plantagenet king.

Archaeologists previously said there was strong circumstantial evidence to suggest the bones, exhumed from a car park behind council offices in the city, are those of Richard III but did not want to make any academic decision before the skeleton was subjected to a number of tests.

Richard Taylor, director of corporate affairs at the university, said the project had been "tremendously exciting".

There is a huge anticipation and excitement about the university's announcement.

The University of Leicester is poised to unlock a 500-year-old mystery by announcing the outcome of our search for King Richard III.

The search has caught the world's imagination and has featured in media across the globe and has been the focus of intense speculation.

Over the past five months, since we announced the discovery, our experts from a range of departments have subjected the human remains found at Grey Friars to rigorous examination.