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Oil spill could kill more birds

More sea birds could die from a pollution spill that has contaminated England's south coast. Wildlife experts say a change in wind direction is now blowing many birds out to sea and could lead to more fatalities in the coming days.

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RSPCA treats guillemots covered in sticky substance

It could be days before the true scale of the pollution spill affecting sea birds on the south coast of England is known, wildlife experts have said.

A guillemot is rinsed thoroughly after being washed in washing up liquid and margerine. Credit: PA

Conservationists believe many birds covered in a mystery sticky substance could have been blown out to sea by prevailing winds - leading to yet more fatalities as they are unable to feed and become cold and exhausted.

A Guillemot at an RSPCA centre near Taunton is covered with margarine to help break down the sticky substance found on the birds. Credit: PA
Electrolyte fluid is used to rehydrate a guillemot. Credit: PA

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