French 'Spiderman' scales famous Habana Libre hotel

A daredevil known as "the French Spiderman" scaled Cuba's famous Habana Libre hotel without ropes or a safety net on Monday.

Alain Robert - who has climbed some of the world's tallest buildings -reached the top floor of the 27-storey hotel as hundreds of spectators cheered from the streets below.

After the death-defying stunt, he said his main concern had not the height of the 413 feet tall hotel, but that a bit of the building's facade might break off.

"It can be rusty, the concrete can be damaged. So, I could break this or that so it's a bit scary".

The hotel is one of Havana's most iconic buildings, taken over after the 1959 Cuban Revolution and redubbed the "Habana Libre," or "Free Havana."

Fidel Castro briefly set up his personal offices in the hotel after his triumphant march into the capital.

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