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Call for web safety lessons

Keeping youngsters safe online is one of the biggest child protection issues of the modern world, campaigners have warned. The NSPCC is calling for all schools to provide age-appropriate lessons in online safety.

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Survey: 57% of primary school pupils want to feel safe online

According to a 'Have Your Say' survey commissioned by the UK Safer Internet Centre which questioned around 24,000 schoolchildren:

  • More than two in five (41%) of those aged 11 to 19, and over a quarter (27%) of those aged seven to 11 have seen something online in the past 12 months that they found hurtful or unpleasant.
  • A third (31%) of seven to 11-year-olds and 23% of 11-19-year-olds said that gossip or mean comments online had stopped them from enjoying using the internet.
  • More than half (57%) of primary school children and 63% of those at secondary school say they want the right to feel safe online.

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