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Pensioners hit by 'bedroom tax'

Some pensioners with spare rooms will be hit by reductions in housing benefit under what critics dub the Government's "bedroom tax", the Department of Work and Pensions said. A ComRes poll reveals most of the British public want to delay the tax.

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Cameron: 'Bedroom tax' is a benefit

During Prime Minister's Questions, David Cameron responded to criticism from Ed Miliband of the so-called bedroom tax - which will affect around 660,000 social housing tenants across the country.

Let me make clear this in not a tax - this is a benefit... All the time Labour was in Government if you were in a private sector rented home and in receipt of housing benefit you did not get any benefit for empty rooms.

So it is only fair we treat people in social housing the same way. And, if anyone is away from home then obviously their earnings aren't counted so therefore the benefits of that person are likely to go up.

– David Cameron

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