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Compulsory microchips for dogs

The Government will today announce new measures to tackle irresponsible dog ownership, including new regulations requiring all dogs to be microchipped in England by 2016.

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Five thousand postal workers attacked by dogs each year

The Dangerous Dogs Act was introduced in August 1991, covering all dogs, of any breed, type and cross.

Currently the law does not apply to private property, where the dog has a right to be, for example, the dogs own home.

Under the new measures to be set out today, this will change, according to the Communication Workers Union:

  • Five thousand postal workers and around 400 telecom engineers are attacked by dogs each year
  • Seventy per cent of dog attacks on postal workers occur on private property, in gardens, drives, paths and private roads, where the law currently does not apply
  • Gas, water and electricity workers, district nurses, home helps, health visitors, care workers and even meals on wheels volunteers are all left unprotected by the law

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